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Web Applications and Database Integration

Web sites are changing in the way they look but more importantly they are also changing in the way that they are developed to make them easier to use and much more powerful. They have evolved and will continue to do so as new technologies are invented changing the way that the internet is used for business and pleasure.

Databases can be used to enable a web site to become a web application displaying dynamic information. We can use web sites as a simple shop window onto our business or we can enable them to allow us to do business via the internet allowing us to control our business too. Now a web application can deliver real time information through database functionality, to provide a much richer user experience. It can also monitor and update the information related to a business and provide reports and statistical information directly to an owners desktop.

Gone are the days of needing to have a desktop application that only resides on a single pc, now you can access your vital business information and interact with it in real time from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection - such is the power provided by well designed and function rich web applications.

Existing customers with web sites and new customers alike are taking advantage of the full potential that a web application can provide to both the user and the owner alike. Web Applications can deliver - this is the way forward and Webography are ready, willing and able to help with all aspects of their design, development and maintenance.

Webography prides itself on being able to design and build these new, more powerful web applications using a diverse set of web technologies including MySQL Databases, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX and HTML. We design and develop our web applications using the CodeIgniter 4 Application Framework and PHP 7 or more recently the Trongate Application Framework and PHP 8. We design and code all of our solutions from the ground up utilising Object Oriented Programming and the latest design patterns into our projects.

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