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Search Engine Optimization and Web Site Submission

This is a topic that is always a popular one and we continually have new clients wanting to discuss it. Getting a good placement in the major search engines is often a combination of balancing content with keywords and combining other activities like link building but it is never a simple, quick or straightforward process.

It also relies on the regular submission of a web site to the major search engines, this is a process that effectively asks the search engine to scan the relevant pages within a web site and add the search phrases and and related keywords to its indexing data. Submission must be done on a regular and timely basis whilst avoiding to be seen as spamming the search engines.

Web pages also require very careful Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is a process of assigning keywords and relating them to the web page contents, title and description. We discuss all of this with our clients along with other ways of marketing a new web site including the process of reciprocal link building. This is where links are placed on the client web site and the web sites that they link to contain a link back to the clients site. Sometimes it is hard to locate other relevant web sites to do this with but it is something that helps the overall placement of a web site.

Getting a web site into search engines listings takes time and a continuous refinement process and of course it depends on how many other sites offering similar services are also trying to accomplish this.

We are able to provide for our clients a web site submission service together with SEO of the web pages themselves. The annual charge for this depends entirely on the size of the web site concerned as this directly affects how much time must be spent each month to complete it.