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Pump Data
To display information from the database enter any or all of the identifying data stamped on the pump in the relevant boxes below and then click the search button. (Please Note: Even you only know part of the data for an individual item it can still be searched for!)
Manufacturer : (Please select from the drop down list)
Engine Type : (e.g. Z 5501)
Injection Pump : (e.g. PP4A8P115g-2415)
Governor : (e.g. RV17A225/1100-2839)
Injection Nozzle : (e.g. VA78S453a-2622)
Application or Vehicle : (e.g. Tractor)
Model : (e.g. 5511)
Boost Corrector : (e.g. ZS70-1790)
Feed Pump : (e.g. CD3M-3566)
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